ESD Long Life PU Sealer

Recommended for resin (epoxy) floors, rubber coer ages, linoleum, PV and module floors, self-leveling screeds, to protect ceramics and natural stone surfaces and reconditioning ESD. Available non ESD Version as well!


  Definitely nicer appearance
  Significantly improves and preserves long term the ESD properties of the surface
  environmental friendly process and material
  40-60 % cost savings comparing to cover replacement
  It could be used as a recondition without any breakdown
  It’s possible to contracted 500-1000 m2 surface quickly, even within 24 hours
  Separated into smaller areas, it can be carried out even during production
  Dust free construction technology
  Minimal thickness, doesn’t increase the height of the floor level
  Increase the surface lifetime, high resistance against chemical materials
  High resistance against mechanical damages
  Different, optional shininess level: extra matte, satin, shiny finish
  Doesn’t let absorbed the tire patches into the surface
  Operation and purity costs are greatly reduced
  Durable, doesn’t wear off from the surface, doesn’t require aftercare
  Suitable for painting road markings


Without ESD Long Life PU Sealer the continuous production and the particle of the dust causes irreversible damages on the surface of conductive ESD floors.
ESD Long Life PU Sealer protects the surface from the powerful requisitions, also improve and make the conductivity more durable.




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