Work chairs in production

BIMOS Chairs with 10 year warranty!


WORK CHAIRS IN PRODUCTION Work chairs used in production have to meet special requirements, which may vary depending on the working environment. A work chair from Bimos allows comfortable sitting and getting up quickly and restricts the freedom of movement as little as possible. Work chairs in production must be particularly resilient, as they may be exposed to flying sparks or could come into contact with oil, grinding dust or chips, for example. In such cases, the upholstery of the work chair can be replaced with a flick of the wrist when necessary.

However, it is also highly resistant and washable, so that the replacement is rarely necessary. A Bimos work chair can be optimally adapted to the respective body: The backrest and seat are anatomically designed to provide the highest level of comfort at work. The height-adjustable stools allow comfortable leg and foot positions at any time. Of course, all necessary standards were met during the development of the seats. In addition, however, we also cooperate with occupational physicians and specialists who guarantee an even higher quality: every Bimos work chair offers the needed robustness, but also rolls out of the way without falling over if the seated person suddenly jumps up because rapid intervention is required in the production process.