500 thousand Ft worth of offering to váci hospital

2016.07.22. 14:29

On 6th of July Csengeri Richárd gave out 9000 pcs of disposable shoe cover to váci Jávorszky Ödön hospital. The donation was received by Kárpáti Zoltán.

Most of our colleagues are from Vac, many of them were born in this hospital. Now their families and children visit the hospital. We think the hospital’s staff does a good job, so we started thinking about how to express our gratitude towards the institution. Finally, we found the sections between the company and the hospital's needs.

Kárpáti Zoltán took over the deed of gift in the hospital's name. "Thank you for acknowledging the hard work of the hospital and its quality! Many departments will be able to use the offer. "- Said the Director of Nursing. The shoe covers will be used by the hospital workers and visitors. It is very important to prevent any potential contamination especially in case of already weakened patient in intensive care. Said Marjanek Zsuzsanna chief of physician, who also thanked on behalf of patients, colleagues and visitors. The head of the Central Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Division told that the protective equipment is at least as important as the maternity ward where mothers and newborns are more susceptible to invasive infections. "Although the hospital has always provided the protective clothing to those affected, this offering is a big help to reduce the costs of the hospital." -, Concluded the Head of Department.