AIJGO Entrance Systems With ESD Testers


The AIJGO testers make 2 testing processes per sec. Left foot, Right foot and wrist strap tests have different testing circles but the tester make them at the same time. When the 2 testing processes have Pass results only this case the tester give Pass information. This double testing mode provides high safety testing results.



The AIJGO testers use 100 V test voltage to avoid false test results. Under 100 V test voltage the test results are not safety because of the dirt and the contamination on the sole of the ESD shoes or heel grounders. it can lose false test results. The 100 V test voltage provides a reliable and accurate tester.



All AIJGO testers have Relay Output to open any kind of entrance gate (tripod turnstile, swing gate, wing barrier,…). Not need to change the tester if entrance gate is required to install. The tester have to be connected only by a cable to the gate.



lightbar logoThis unique system with the LED lighting signal is an ideal solution for high volume of entrances where the quickness and safety is very important. The high damaging-resistant construction with the steel touch-button can prevent the frequent failures of any kind of push-button. The operators only have to touch the button, they do not need to push it. The LIGHT BAR system is developed for multinational companies which require many thousand of entrance per day. The 12 pcs energy saving LED have strong visual effect for the operator to inform the test result. It can distinguish the test result of the wrist strap, left and right foot (Pass – Green, Fail – Red):

LIGHT BAR System standby mode

Light bar system

LIGHT BAR System working modes *




comfort logoThis system is a perfect choice where the personal identification is an important side of the entrance process to the ESD area. The identification is deteced by a RFID reader where the operators use a Personal Chip Card. The test results and the identification data are transfered to a PC which has a Managment Software. It makes to read and save the data possible, furthermore to set parameters. The COMFORT system provides a fully automatic solution for entrance to the ESD area and the dataprocessing (personal identification, test results).


comfort halozatRFID reader- It can read the information from the Personal Chip Card which contains the personal identification and the test method on the basis of the tester make the test (Only footwear testing or footwear and wrist strap combined testing or VIP). The test starts after the card reading in any case so the operator cannot entry to the ESD area without identification after a successful test.

Management Software- It handles the identification data of the operators, uploading the operators’s data from data base or manually. Test method choosing to the operators (Only footwear testing or footwear and wrist strap combined testing or VIP). The software controls the AIJGO-31LB/ALU tester. It can control max. 72 pcs tester and 24 pcs PC. It saves the entrance data to local .cvs file (compatible with EXCEL and text editors). Automatically It cuts now log file every day. Acceptance limits changeable by the software. If the PC is connected to LAN network, the Management software is available on the internet.


Network solution

Hálózati megoldásIf the ESD area has more than one entrance and personal identification needed in this case more ESD testers are required with RFID reader to all entrance. There is possibility to connect the testers and PC’s into the same network and to manage the same software. Max. 3 pcs AIJGO-31LB/ALU testers are operated by one PC and Management Software.(Max. distance between the PC and tester is 100 m) If more that 3 AIJGO-31LB/ALU testers are needed to connect in this case LAN network required: Max. 24 pcs PC are handle in the LAN network so Max. 72 pcs AIJGO-31LB/ALU testers are possible to connect.

comfort halozat


complex logoThis system provides an „all in one” solution with our tripod turnstile. It is a „build-in” construction because the AIJGO testers and Dual Foot Electrode are built in and installed into the gate. It is not required any extra installation knowledge.


Properties of the gate:

  • Manual rotation with mechanical support
  • Rotation blockable electrically
  • Mechanical brake system
  • Electrically controlled arm fall system (fire alarm)
  • In this case power cut, the arm system freely rotate to give fast transit/li>
  • Indoor use only