ESD Floor Protection

ESD Long Life Poliuretan Floor Protection

The ESD floors must meet two basic requirements according to IEC 61340-5-1 and ANS/ESD S20.20 standards:

  1. Appropriate conductivity of the surface (Volume – Rv, Between two points – Rp-p) which can be proved by measurements according to the standards. In basic cases it can’t be more then Rg (ground relative resistance) <109 ohm resistance limit.
  2. In case of proper ESD floor during walking (humans) and moving rolling ESDS transport and storage equipments don’t formed more then 100 V electrostatic charges.

SOLUTION Deep cleaning process and ESD Long Life PU Sealer.


  • EXTREME DURABILITY 6 times longer lifetime
  • UNIQUE ESD COATINGon the conductive surfaces
  • DON’T FRAYING even under 25000 rolling
  • PERFECT CHEMICAL RESISTANCE even in dangerous situations
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY NON-TOXIC environmental friendly
  • INFLAMMATION DELAYING On every type of coverage