Cleanroom Clothing Catalogue - Something Pure, Something Special

2020.06.12. 11:22

Get your Cleanroom Clothing directly from a Manufacturer! Cleanroom Coats, Cleanroom Coveralls, and more. Contact us with Uniqe Cleanroom Garments Requests if you need something special!

We produce our Cleanroom Garments according to the Cleanroom standards current: IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

They can be used in Cleanroom class 10 – 100 (ISO 4-5) environments, the fabric is developed for industrial washing.

Cleanroom garments
We provide a unique quality assurance of the production of the Cleanroom Garments, because this process starts at the arrival of the raw materials which go under a thorough ESD, Cleanroom and mechanical testing. Of course, the complete ESD and Cleanroom clothing can leave our company only after ESD measurement and conformity. We use the „tunnel seams” for our cleanroom garments which means all seams are internal enclosed with a strip and secured with an additional seam. This reduces the risk that a seam can open unnoticed allowing particles to escape.


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