Solder smart – with award winning TMT-R9800S Precision Soldering Robot!

2020.01.22. 15:56

It is the most acclaimed soldering robot ever on the market

– as a 2019 Vision Award, 2018 Global Technology Award, 2019 NPI Award Winner and it also experienced success on the 2019 EMI Innovation Awards. The Thermaltronics Robot System incorporates innovative design concepts and precision components to ensure accuracy. The combination of high precision hardware and intelligent software ensures precision soldering and low operator training costs.
Thermaltronics TMT-R9800S

  • Six Axis Soldering/Dispensing Platform
  • Full vision mapping & Fiducial Marks
  • Laser Height Measurement
  • Curie Heat Technology provides precise temp. control
  • Flux & Solder Paste dispensing
  • Fume extraction
  • Desoldering (Optional)
  • Nitrogen Protection (Optional)

Unlike typical Cartesian robots the Thermaltronics Robot, Model TMT-R9800S, is equipped with full vision, (eyes) to verify the procedure being undertaken and does not simply follow a pre-determined program. In this respect it has an observation mode, a verification mode and as a result – a decision making capability. (Basically a brain). This capability of collecting and utilizing data for production processing is one of the most important factors necessary to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 standards. Through the use of servo motors and precision ballscrews, the Thermaltronics Robotic system is able to accurately meet the requirements of high speed operation, repeatability and durability. The software is designed to transform system commands into functional operating procedures and with its 6-axis capability, 360° independent fixture rotation, solder tip and solder wire feeding operation from separate axis control, the applications extend beyond conventional soldering and dispensing operations.

Application programming is made simple by using full image-merging and mapping techniques. Dynamic laser height measurement/adaptive control, ensures precision soldering repeatability. A full vision mapping system with fiducial marks, provides for intelligent decision making during procedural operations.


We encourage you to take advantage of the experience we have gained, through our exposure to the various applications and follow the procedural process below:

  1. Identify a candidate for the soldering robot.
  2. Send us photos of the board/components and briefly describe customer requirements.
  3. Thermaltronics will review and advise on the application.
  4. If the application is suitable for robot we will ask you to provide sample parts to us.
  5. Thermaltronics will create the program, undertake the soldering and provide a video of the process and sample parts back to the customer for inspection.
  6. If the customer is interested - we can proceed to the next level of support.
Applications to look for are as follows:

  • Through-hole applications
  • Connector pin applications
  • Enclosure applications
  • Panel applications
  • Final assembly applications
  • Tinning applications
  • Board on board applications
  • Precision timing applications
  • Circular soldering applications
  • Wire applications

Clearly, there has to be a qualified operator within your organisation, otherwise the advantages of our system will be lost – but from experience, this process has the highest success rate.

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