• Sokoldalú és kiváló teljesítmény forró levegővel (sűrített levegő vagy nitrogén szükséges hozzá, 20-80 psi)
  • Adjustable airflow and automatic shut-off valve when hand piece is placed in holder
  • Easy to maintain and calibrate with external calibration feature
  • Uses a wide variety of nozzle sizes
  • ESD Safe
  • 18 month warranty
  • lead free

971HA SMT hot air station includes LT428 tip
PD533 Tool pod
PR570 Flow regulator and meter
SH230 Sponge holder includes RS199 cleaning sponge, RS243 leveling pad, LN230 sponge liner
Accessory Kit
WT620 Tip wrench, 1/4” socket
WT624 Tip wrench, dual open end, 1/4” & 5/16”
ST706 SMD tool to lift off SMD’s
RB641 Shim blade replacement
WS630 SMD pull wire with low static spool
AN112 Anti-Seize compound
WP556 WIGAPRY® mini screwdriver and calibration aid tool
Power Requirements 230V, 50Hz
Power Rating 18W - 160W
Heater Rating 24V, 53W
Weight 2,5 kg
Overall Dimensions 104 mm x 246 mm x 254 mm
Temperature Range 205°C - 427°C
Temperature Regulation ±3ºC
Tip-to-Ground Voltage Leakage/Resistance < 2mV / < 2 ohms


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