971DX-230 LONER Dual Soldering Station

  • An advanced soldering station with precise temperature control that delivers rapid heat-up and recovery times
  • New direct tip-to-heater design provides quicker recovery and better sensing as well as more accurate and stable temperatures at the tip
  • Innovative handle design makes tip change quicker and easier
  • Easy to maintain and calibrate with external calibration feature
  • Accepts a wide variety of tips
  • International models available
  • ESD safe
  • 18 month warranty
  • lead free

971DX High performance temperature controlled soldering station includes LT375 tip
PD528 Tool pod
SH230 Sponge holder includes RS199 cleaning sponge, RS243 leveling pad, LN230 sponge liner
WP556 WIGAPRY® mini screwdriver and calibration aid tool
Power Requirements 100V-240V, 50-60 Hz
Power Rating 36 W - 320 W
Heater Rating 24 V, 53 W
Weight 2,7 kg
Overall Dimensions 104 mm x 208 mm x 254 mm
Temperature Range 205°C-427°C
Temperature Regulation ±3ºC
Tip-to-Ground Voltage Leakage/Resistance < 2mV / < 2 ohms


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