Reeco Electric height adjustable Premium ESD Table Frame

  • Compliant with EN 60335-1 standard
  • Smooth starting and stopping provided by the control box
  • Low noise level
  • Maximum power: 1600 N (per leg)
  • Maximum speed: 43 mm/s (at no load)
  • Power supply: 24 V (AC adapter included)

Premium electrically adjustable table

Premium electrically adjustable table has been equipped with electric actuators for adjusting the height of the table top. This allows you to quickly change the operating position from sitting to standing or other way around. Modern top lifting columns have a high load capacity and very low power consumption, at 0.1W, in standby mode. Soft start and stop and smooth adjustment prevents the objects sitting at the table from movement.

Order code Description Dimensions (mm) Place an order
RF-001-12075-9003-M 1200x750 Motorised ESD Premium Frame 1200x750 {RF-001-12075-9003-M}
RF-001-15375-9003-M 1530x750 Motorised ESD Premium Frame 1530x750 {RF-001-15375-9003-M}
RF-001-18375-9003-M 1830x750 Motorised ESD Premium Frame 1830x750 {RF-001-18375-9003-M}