Reeco Rectangular table top

  • Colour: RAL 7036
  • Table top assembly: threaded bushings

Rectangular table top

Table top is covered with a laminate. Edges are finished with scratch resistant and impact resistant ABS plastic. Fixing to a structure provides mounted in the table top threaded bushings.
Structure of the table top, which is composed of resin and chipboard guarantees strength even at high loads.
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RF-004-12075-7036 NIE ESD 1200x750 non-ESD Table top 1200x750 {RF-004-12075-7036 NIE ESD}
RF-004-15375-7036 NIE ESD 1530x750 non-ESD Table top 1530x750 {RF-004-15375-7036 NIE ESD}
RF-004-18375-7036 NIE ESD 1830x750 non-ESD Table top 1830x750 {RF-004-18375-7036 NIE ESD}