K24M Sterilizing/Deodorizing device

for Masks, shoes, PPE products


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Sterilizing-Deodorizing-Dryiing Device
This product is for sterilizing, deodorizing, and drying of object which is used in office, utility, public place, business and industrial field.
Ozone interaction by Fan system removes contaminants and odors. Heater for drying the objects is optimized for the objects.
Moisture is purified by passing through the purification filter.
Surplus air comes outside after purified through exhaust filter. During the operation, sterilizing process is repeated for set time.
KLENZ product is designed for energy save and maximize its performance in efficiently.

Erőteljes fertőtlenítés 1. step
Powerful Sterilizing
Strong sterilization power of
Ozone Sterilizes various
bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.
Levegőtisztítás 2. step
Air Purification
Circulating air in the device is
purified Passig through the
tunnal and UV zone and the filter.
Nedvesség tisztítás 3. step
Moisture Purification
The purified air decompress the
residual ozone and after the harmful
gas is removed air is discharged
outside through the purifying filter.

Masks and shoes should be sterilized in separate devices!

Capacity 24 chamber
Product size
(width, depth, height)
1053x450x1970 mm
Chamber inner size 
(width, depth, height)
264x350x180 mm
Rated electricity AC220-240V; 50-60 Hz
Consumption power 105W / 1100 W
Mask sterilizing cycle time 20-25 minutes

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K24M Sterilizing/Deodorizing device {K24M}